Friday, April 9, 2010

New Eyes

One thing about being home over spring notice.

You notice things you want to do something about (clearing flower beds).

You notice things you don't want to do anything about (cleaning closets).

I stood alone in my quiet kitchen considering where to go for breakfast because I was in my,
"I'm so-o-o hungry but too lazy to cook" mode.

I reached into the over stuffed refrigerator to get cream for the coffee just brewed to curb my appetite.

I poured and stirred, watched the coffee change from dark brown to caramel in a hypnotic swirl.
How undisciplined I'd become about cooking.
There was a time when I cooked dinner almost every night.
Now days I rearrange the fridge weekly.
New veggies in.
Old veggies to the trash.
Mind you the old veggies were purchased last week and untouched.

Wasting that kind of money in this economy makes no sense!
I've got to do better.

I opened the fridge again (this time with new eyes) and saw everything I needed to fix a fabulous breakfast: bacon, eggs, yogurt, milk, orange juice, butter, cheese...

The smell of fried bacon made its way upstairs and I heard feet bounding down.
My daughter glided into the kitchen, snapped a piece of bacon in her mouth.

"What are you fixing?" she asked.

"Pancakes, from scratch," I answered.
Her eyes lit up.
"Want a fluffy veggie omelet to go with it?" she offered.
How could I resist?

She pulled a whisk and bowl from the cupboard and whipped egg whites into stiff peaks.
Setting them aside, she washed, sliced and chopped: green onions, kale, tomatoes and red peppers.
Stir, add, fold in, hot pan, olive oil, pour, flip, plate - done.

I mixed the batter for Cherry Yogurt Pancakes and poured several cakes onto a hot griddle.
Their aroma wafted upstairs, more feet bounded down - my son.

Three of us

Beautiful breakfast
Great conversation
Didn't cost a cent

Maybe I'll look in the pantry tomorrow!

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