Monday, August 29, 2011

Maserati - Some Things Just Tickle Me #1

Stopped at a light on my way to work. 

Light changes. 

The guy beside me skirks off, roaring the engine of his Maserati. 

Little did he know a tree branch had hitched a ride on his undercarriage. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

God's Good Rain

We've been hoping for rain around here for the past few weeks.  

Temperatures have been in the 90's, and most of our lawns resemble farmer's hay.   

I've learned that in weather this hot, 
we can water our lawns each morning 
but loose the battle of "greening" over time.  

On the other hand, 
we can get a good soaking of what my mother calls, 
"God's Good Rain" 
and our lawns green almost over night.   

Last night "God's Good Rain" came in great torrents.  

Lightning lit the sky and thunder boomed.  

I loved it...great sleeping weather.    

Morning's light, however,
 revealed other effects of that rain.

Drivers navigated their vehicles through a foot of standing water on some local roads.

I swung into the driveway of a local shopping plaza for coffee from 
Lake Caribou...

The usually calm portion of the river that runs through our city park 

 over ran it's banks and spilled onto 

the walking and picnic areas. 


God chose to answer all of our prayers for rain 

at one time!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Astro Coffee - You Gotta Eat Here #3

I tasted my first Flat White, a few years ago
at a Detroit coffee bar in Corktown.  
It was wonderful.

 I was hooked and happy until the bar closed shortly thereafter. 

I've searched from Ann Arbor to Birmingham 
for the illusive Flat White 
only to find it again in,
of all places, 

My daughter and I visited ASTRO coffee Saturday.  

We opened the door to enter a space that was cool, 
comfortable, and relaxed.  

Can you guess our order?

When the owner handed me my Flat White, 
the years since the last one melted away. 

Just as I remembered.
I closed my eyes.
For a brief moment, 
I was back at that cool coffee bar, 
perched on one of it's window stools 
my daughter nudged me and said, 
"Ooh, look at that sandwich!"

It was a beautiful long loaf with sliced beets and 
a spread of creme fraiche with avocado and mint.  
She ordered one.  

I opted for the pork meatball with caramelized onions and aioli.  
It was wonderful!  

Later, we selected a desert from the counter display of
brownies, banana bread, cakes and cookies.

We plan to return soon!

The staff is friendly.

The atmosphere is pleasant.

The food and coffee are wonderful.

Without a doubt,
You gotta eat here!

Check out ASTRO Coffee on Facebook 
or read more about their story at:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Life

Think before you speak,
 even if it keeps you silent.
    Lead your own life,
     you were not born to follow.
    Keep your word,
    it makes you dependable.
    Help others,
    it heals your own heart.
      just because!

        ...a more meaningful life!