Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Day II

I settle back into the warmth of the comforter for a 10 minute snooze.
A call this early can only be one of two things;
bad news,
'Bless my Soul'...a Snow Day!

A snow day?

"Hi Mychelle, no school today because of the snow. Bye."
No way.
We just had one a few weeks ago.

It wasn't snowing when I went to bed...or was it?

I had been up late revising lesson plans.

There was that pale light seeping through the blinds of my darkened room.

I move toward the window and twist the wand to open the blinds.
Light flows in.
I pull the cord to raise them.
Well, well, well...

My cell phone hisses a text,
"Yahoo!...for you!!!"
My sister.

She has taken on my father's honored roll.
She is now the breaker of Snow Day news.

To a colleague,
"Good lookin' out with that snow dance,"
I jokingly text.

And then it hit me.
I spent a lot of time on those lesson plans.
Oh no!
I'll have to push the math test back another day.

Some folks are never satisfied.

Saturday Morning Breakfast at Avalon Bakery - You Gotta Eat Here #1

On a quiet Saturday morning in February, my daughter and I traveled to Avalon, the coziest bakery in Detroit.

Not our first time for sure.

And because it wasn't,
we knew to expect the pleasant aroma of fresh baked bread,
the welcoming ambiance of a warm cottage on a blustery winter day,
and friendly employees who care enough to answer all your questions about the food.

The small space of the bakery provides adequate room for people in line, at tables, or perusing shelved merchandise.

As we stood in line at the glass case of baked treasures, my daughter gave me her order, and then reserved a small, round table near the window by placing her coat on one of it's chairs.

Within minutes we settled in to enjoy savory Breakfast Lasagna, enticing Cherry Cream Cheese Brioche, smooth Guatemalan coffee and lots of girl talk.

The table next to us hosted two friendly couples. The first took our picture...
the second took our suggestion to try the Breakfast Lasagna.
Hope you will too.