Thursday, July 28, 2011

God's Good Rain

We've been hoping for rain around here for the past few weeks.  

Temperatures have been in the 90's, and most of our lawns resemble farmer's hay.   

I've learned that in weather this hot, 
we can water our lawns each morning 
but loose the battle of "greening" over time.  

On the other hand, 
we can get a good soaking of what my mother calls, 
"God's Good Rain" 
and our lawns green almost over night.   

Last night "God's Good Rain" came in great torrents.  

Lightning lit the sky and thunder boomed.  

I loved it...great sleeping weather.    

Morning's light, however,
 revealed other effects of that rain.

Drivers navigated their vehicles through a foot of standing water on some local roads.

I swung into the driveway of a local shopping plaza for coffee from 
Lake Caribou...

The usually calm portion of the river that runs through our city park 

 over ran it's banks and spilled onto 

the walking and picnic areas. 


God chose to answer all of our prayers for rain 

at one time!

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