Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Whatever-is-in-the-Fridge Omelet

"Sometimes good things come out of nowhere.  
Other times they come from whatever you have in the fridge."  

This is not the quote of some wise and famous person.  

It is a realization that came to me while eating breakfast and watching Joyce Meyer.

You see, I'd rushed downstairs to prepare a fresh cup of coffee in time for Joyce's message.  
I had only three minutes and the coffee maker needed to be cleaned.   
I was able to turn on the television and get everything done.

Pushing the button to start the coffee I realized I was hungry, 
but Joyce had already begun her message.  
I decided on an easy omelet.  
Opening the fridge, I pulled out the following ingredients and got started.

1 large Grade A Egg
2 TBS Grana Padano Shaved Parmesan
1 Slice Proscuitto Di Parma (paper thin)
8 leaves Wild Arugula (remove stems)
1 thin slice of fresh Fennel
salted butter

For later:
1/2 half ripe banana
freshly brewed coffee
fresh cream

1.  Assemble omelet ingredients.
Melt butter in pan. 

2.  Pour in beaten egg. 
3.  Sprinkle Parmesan over egg.

4.  Cover one half of egg with Proscuitto and
the other with Arugula and Fennel.

5.  When egg is solid, fold over
(Proscuitto over Arugula)
and wait 15 seconds.
6.  Assemble on plate with sliced bananas
and your favorite breakfast beverage .

With breakfast plated, I poured a cup of freshly brew coffee, added cream, placed everything on a tray and headed into the living room to watch the rest of Joyce's message.

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