Sunday, August 29, 2010

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

Every spring my parents planted gardens.
It was a lesson in patience for me.
After long days under the West Virginia sun, tomatoes ripened on the vine.

Barefoot, with a small pile of salt in one hand, I walked the dusty rows until the reddest one caught my eye.  I'd pluck it from the vine, shine it on my blouse, lift a small portion of peel, sprinkle it with salt, and bite into the warm juicy flesh.

When I turned nine, we moved to Michigan and bought tomatoes from the produce or canned food isles of grocery stores.  No more gardens.  No more dusty rows.

Fast forward to 2010.

Thanks to Slow Food Detroit, the idea of fresh, locally grown foods is making a comeback.

Slow Food Detroit, and it's many members, understand and advocate the importance of sustainable foods for our physical well being, and they are doing something about it.
My daughters and I attended the first annual "Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food" fundraiser at the Coach Insignia in Detroit.

It benefited the Slow Food Detroit resource fund for farmers and continuing education regarding the local and sustainable food movement.

        We were greeted with champagne...


and a birds eye view of Detroit.

The Detroit River was majestic from Belle Isle in one direction

to Downtown Detroit in the other.

Chefs, establishments, and wine providers donated their time, 
products, and services to this cause.  

We enjoyed several delicious dishes prepared from locally grown food.

Just to mention a few...

Michael Symon's Roast
Pork Belly on Mixed Greens and Fruit 

      Capuchin Soup Kitchen
Chefs Alison Costello and Steven LaFraniere

Trout, fingerling potato and Caviar

Matt Prentice Restaurant Group

Blueberry Creme Brulee
Blueberry Creme Puffs

Giving never tasted so good!

We met interesting people, passionate about their role in this movement.
Blondelle raises Honey Bees

Stacy Ordakowski, the group leader, and influential others spoke of:
                                              -sustainable food in today's society
                                              -health benefits of eating locally grown foods
                                              -supporting the farming community
                                              -providing good nutrition for today's youth
We were impressed!

Check out their website at   

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