Monday, August 16, 2010

Unlimited Mileage - Part 2

I stepped onto Mackinac Island and headed for Huron Street just after 5pm.  



Horse drawn wagons 

No cars

No trucks

No buses 

Candy and souvenir shops displayed their merchandise between restaurants on both sides of the street.

Families walked in small groups, talking and peering into windows.

Further ahead, a horse collapsed onto the street.  
Walkers gasped as they stopped to look, 
some took pictures.  
Several minutes passed before the it stood again.  
The crowd cheered.

Huron street hugged the edge of the island.  
It was lined with beautiful bed and breakfasts, businesses and private homes. 

 High on a hill sat Fort Mackinac.  
According to historical fact, 
the first land action of the War of 1812 took place on this island.  
Hard to image now.  

A street cleaner pedaled by. 
He stopped to sweep what the horses left.  
Wonder what that job pays?

Huron to Ford Street.
 Ford to Market.


These beautiful horses caught my eye.

The doors of Market street each held their own invitation.

Finally, left onto Cadotte Avenue to my destination...
the Grand Hotel. 

The plan was to sip coffee on the veranda and take in the view.
Oh well...

so much for that!

The free landscape tour was quaint but quick.  

I had to pick up candy and be back at the pier in thirty minutes.  

The rush was on,
back down Cadotte, 
left onto Market, 
quick right on Lake View,
finally left on Huron.  

I purchased three slices of chocolate-peanut butter fudge and a pound of peanut brittle then dashed to the pier.  
There was a long line of people waiting for the shuttle.
I wondered if there'd be enough seats.  

Finally, the line began to move.  
We made our way onto the pier.   
The shuttle was waiting to the left.  

Then Drama.
A shuttle to the right belched a plume of black smoke
then sped toward the pier.
No one screamed.  
We just looked.
It connected twenty feet away from me.
Damage was light.
One bruised ego for the captain who couldn't navigate that turn into open water.

At last, we boarded.  
I found a seat on the lower level.  
The ride was relaxing.  
Soon, I was back in my rental.

Stopped long enough to 
pick up Salt Water Taffy for my brother,
and text my family that I was homeward bound.

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