Monday, June 18, 2012

Green Dot Stables - A Sure Thing!

My daughter and I were near the end of a great day together.  
We'd picked up breakfast from Avalon Bakery, 
shopped the Eastern Market, 
explored Belle Isle's Conservatory, 
and finally,
driven across Detroit for
what she promised to be
a treat.

It was a little spot at 
2200 West Lafayette called, 
"Green Dot Stables".

There was a horseshoe on the entrance door.

Hmm...a sign this place needs luck
just a decoration?

Thirty minutes, one shared meal of five sliders, a salad, two orders of fries, one cool Summer Soda, and a Mint Julep later,

Summer Soda:  Lemon-Basil-
House Salad: Chickpea-
Tomato-Cucumber-Herb Vin

Lamb Slider: Rosemary
Shredded Pork Slider:
Pork Butt-Slaw
Au Poivre Slider:
Beef-Peppercorns-Cognac Aioli
Hot Brown Slider:
Mystery Meat Slider:
Today's mystery was

The Quintet (my moniker)

Truffle & and Herb French Fries

Le Poutine French Fries

 I concluded
luck wasn't an issue.

Green Dot Stables is no outsider!

It has the winning combination of
great food prepared from scratch,
"Just Right" portions,
reasonable prices, 
and a pleasant atmosphere!

Get in the home stretch for Green Dot Stables.
Odds are,
you'll enjoy it!


  1. wow - that sounds like a great place, thx for sharing - I want to go check it out. That lemon cucumber basil drink would be fantastic in this hot weather :-)