Friday, July 16, 2010

Motor City Brewing Works - You Gotta Eat Here #2

Four of us ventured to Detroit on a blustery Spring day 
for an adventure in pizza at
the Motor City Brew Works on Canfield.

The Midtown restaurant reminded me of a chalet...
a retreat from the cold winds of March.

Warm air, 
a friendly staff, 
and beauty greeted us as we stepped inside.   

We sat down and considered the menu: 
appetizers, salad, pizza and a variety of "home made" draft beer.

We ordered. 

The wait for our freshly prepared meal, gave us time to talk,
  and sample the brew.  
Hm mm?  Bohemian Lager (made from Detroit water).  

The food arrived and earned our approval as well.

The pizza and salad were works of art like everything else.

 Delicious food, 
a taproom, and
friendly service
create a dining pleasure that is
The Motor City Brewing Works.

You gotta eat here!

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