Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Train Tracks to Nature Trail - Another "Green Idea"

When I first moved into this neighborhood 18 years ago, 
there was a train track that bordered its northern side.  

Almost every night I'd either hear a train or be held up by its crossing guard.  

I was so glad I didn't buy one of the houses with a back yard that butted up to the tracks... 
don't think I could have stood the noise. 

Well, about 10 years ago
the train activity stopped.  
Later, the tracks were lifted and the adjoining cities worked together 
to convert the track area into a walking and riding trail.  

What a wonderful idea! 

They added gravel to the trail, identifying signs, parking lots, doggy poop bag stations, and then allowed nature to do the rest.

Last night, after dinner, 
I changed into shorts and sneakers, 
grabbed my cell phone and an audio book then set out to walk the trail.

It lead me to my favorite coffee shop.  
I stopped for a quick cup, 
sat outside to drink it, 
watched small town traffic, 
let the sun set a bit...
then hit the trail for home.      

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